Thursday, January 6, 2011

Entertainment Science - Pics of Bubble When Explode

Did you ever played with bubble when you were child?...He3 of course you are. Right?. Almost among us at least had experience play this fun game.

I still remembered that I bought one bottle and the price was about RM0.50 for the past 10 years ago. If I not mistaken. HU3. Did you buy some?...Ho3...Answering yourself because only you got the answer.

But for those who did not buy it, they had more creative idea, more cheap, more play. What was their idea. Of course by using soap and a cup of water. Then all you need is a tool or thing that you can produce bubble when by blew it. May be some of you used hard wire: made it round.

Blew it...ha3.. Lot of bubbles...not left behind...there were some poor boy: they open their mouth and: what do you think?... They swallow the bubbles. included. So fun, happy, miss that moment. Hold it and put on our palm....then exploded

Here are some pics your bubble when exploded


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