Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hot News - Flood worsen in Pahang and Kelantan

KUANTAN: More flood victims are being evacuated in Pahang and Kelantan this morning.

In Pahang, a state police contingent operations room spokesman said 297 people from 62 families here were evacuated compared to 212 yesterday evening.

He said the affected areas included Taman Seberang Balok and Kampung Balok Baru where 216 people from 44 families were evacuated to the Balok Community Hall, and Kampung Bukit Palas where 24 people from six families were now housed at the Cherating Community Hall.

Another 33 flood victims from seven families in Kampung Nyamuk, Balok were evacuated to Sekolah Agama Rakyat Pantai Balok and 24 from five families in Kampung Chendor Tengah, to the Chendor Community Hall.

At Km20 Jalan Jerangau-Jabor here, the road is only open to heavy vehicles after the flood water rose to 0.3m.

The spokesman said there were no reports of floods in other areas in Pahang.

In KOTA BAHARU, it was reported that continuous heavy rain in Kelantan last night caused the number of flood evacuees to rise to 376 this morning from 128 yesterday and the number of relief centres to increase to 11 from nine.

A state police operations room spokesman said the affected areas were Kota Baharu, Bachok, Pasir Mas, Tanah Merah and Pasir Puteh.

He said the number of roads closed to traffic also rose to six, involving the Pasir Mas, Pasir Puteh, Tumpat and Tanah Merah districts.

In Pasir Mas, the affected roads are at Km3 Jalan Pengkalan Rakit, Km9 Jalan Pohon Tanjung-Rantau Panjang and Jalan Pohon Tanjung-Meranti. These are closed to light vehicles while in Pasir Puteh, Km2 Jalan Banir Belikong-Tasik Pauh is closed to all vehicles.

In Tanah Merah, Km1 Jalan Tanah Merah-Kusial-Kampung Ipoh is closed to light vehicles while in Tumpat, the affected stretch is Jalan Cabang 4/Kampung Jambu/Meranti.

The spokesman said the water level in Sungai Golok had reached 9.9m, exceeded the danger level of 9m, while other main rivers in the state were at the alert level. -- BERNAMA

Source: New Straits Times

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