Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lifestyle Kesihatan - 8 Ways to Appreciate Yourself

How many times you pamper yourself?. He3...last day, last week or last year?.. Sometimes we often forgot to think about ourself. Maybe because our commitment to our responsibility or etc. Here i put several tips or ways how to appreciate yourself. Check it out.

1. Provide time.
Make time for yourself will make your mind refreshed. In fact, providing five minutes just to close your eyes and focus the mind can help you feel better. However, it would be better if you could provide more time to focus the mind on yourself and what needs to be done.

2. Do something good for the body.
It's easy to ignore the pain felt by the body and forget to take care of themselves. Try soaking in hot water mixed with salt or ask someone to hug. Can also try to stand and stretch.

3. Make yourself comfortable.
For example, by calling friends or drinking hot tea, sleeping with pillows and blankets are comfortable, journal writing, eating something like, smelled the aromatherapy oils such as vanilla, lavender, and others.

4. Go to another world.
The trick is to read books, watch movies, or let the mind flow to wherever he went.

5. Doing something silly.
This will bring out the soul of a child who is in our personality and a sense of happiness. For example, play foam soap, baking, watching the clouds and they shape them, and playing with pets or otopet.

6. Leave a day.
Especially when you're feeling bored with their daily work. Take a day off and do whatever you want to do a full day. This is better than a day on weekends.

7. The roads in the middle of the open nature.
Sometimes we forget to pay attention to the world that lay around. Observing nature would make us feel more comfortable and calm. Walk in the park. Observe and look at trees, grass, sky, and then breathe.

8. Doing something you've always wanted to do.
Why put it off again? Done quickly and you'll feel better

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