Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Teknologi Gadjet - Bicycle With F1 Technology

This bike was mentioned most sophisticated in the world, using technology like that used in Formula One pole position, also designed by the engineer (engineer), Formula One.

Street bike (road bike) numbered from the carbon fiber is named Factor 001. Inside is a technology:

1. Accelorometer which measures the degree of tilt left / right, angle and
level rise and other data including the rear wheel speed,
average torque, minimum, maximum per stroke.

2. Estimator biometric data that measure heart rate, respiration, skin temperature and core body temperature.

3. LCD touch screen that displays all the data above.

4. Of ceramic disc brakes (to minimize heat).

5. Order without connections made specifically to fit the user.

Want to know the price? Pull a deep breath .. around RM 155 580, or roughly £ 20,000 for the bike and £ 7,000 for the software.

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